At ICEPRIME we offer a wide variety of services with recognized quality.  Our trained technicians offer customized solutions both for residential computers and small businesses IT needs.


We strive to respond  quickly and efficiently to all the requests we get with nationwide computer support  price standards. Our Services Include, but are not Limited To:


FREE Computer checkup and diagnostic: Is your computer giving you a hard time? We identify the problem, and detect any unseen problems. We also suggest ways to optimize your computer performance.


Network installation: We install and check performance of a computer network.


Wireless Network Setup: We connect your PC’s or notebooks together without those messy wires so you can surf the web, share files also being completely encrypted and secure.


Computer cleanup:  Detection and removal of harmful programs that have “attacked” your computer such as: viruses, spyware, adware, spam, trojan and malware.


We also install antivirus, anti-spyware, antimalware, and anti-spam software for the protection of your system.


Firewall Installation:


Computer setup: Perfect for people who do not know, or who do not have the time to “hook up” their computers. We can help you out!


Operating system installation: We can update or install Windows operating systems.


Software installation: We install any software.


Hardware installation: We install any internal and external hardware to your computer such as: Hard Drives, memory cards, wireless card, video cards, sound cards, CD/DVD burners, and much more….


Data Migration: We transfer files from PC,HD,CD or DVD.


Web Design: We offering custom affordable web site solutions!


Internet Marketing and SEO Services: We get you found in the web!


POS Installation:


Remote Support:


Security Camera Systems: Watch your home or business over the internet from anywhere through a secure internet connection.

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